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A Drive(HDD/SSD) failure prediction utilizing BLOCKCHAIN technology

What is sector's inspection?

This is a method to verify and compare all sectors.
However, with high capacity HDD, transfer speeds become a bottleneck and take too long.

But with the recent NVMe SSD, which has a high transfer rate, is this not a problem?
Certainly, there is no problem as "time".
Unfortunately, the multi-layer(3D) SSD failure that NVMe supports are difficult to detect from verify and compare surveys.
In summary, this test is not usable.

Why not?
That's because the firmware has more impact than the internal situation.
In other words, even if there is no problem in the current data state flags,
then if the state changes even slightly, "bad sector" generate on SSD, its missed.
And it is multi-layer(3D) SSD that there are many this condition.

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