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A Drive(HDD/SSD) failure prediction utilizing BLOCKCHAIN technology

What is data-mining consensus building?

We have been conducted to various verifications.
And, It has been determined that it was difficult to derive out at failure information from a single drive state.

Therefore, we adopted a method of mining failure information using big data analysis technology.
And this gave good results!
Since a drives are mass-produced, the failure location is similar, and the prediction accuracy has been greatly improved.

What do you want?
The purpose was achieved, so do you need a Blockchain?

As long as there was little data, it was fine,
but the data would soon become large, and the processing will became cost a considerable amount of money.
Currently, data mining servers are running out of memory with 64GB. (Furthermore, it is only in Japan.)
If we make this software(the FromHDDtoSSD) multilingual, this servers will definitely fall. Sorry.
But we can not easily increase its, this operating cost is expensive.

We looked for something that could be analyzed decentrally, without relying on a central server.
The answer was found! It is a Blockchain.

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